Learning factory environmental design

AGCO Corporation


AGCO Power is a subsidiary of AGCO Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. With a strong presence worldwide, AGCO Power is a leader in producing high-quality engines for a variety of applications.

In 2021, our studio had the pleasure of collaborating with AGCO Power on the ambientation of the Learning Factory, located at the Mogi das Cruzes unit. The project aimed to create an immersive experience for visitors to the Learning Factory, presenting the processes developed at the site in a clear and objective way. We developed the Learning Factory brand, as well as bilingual panels and glass stickers that explain the processes and important information. Additionally, we designed the layout and wall wrapping of the site with the visual identity developed.

We are happy to report that AGCO Power was very satisfied with the final result of the delivery. The Learning Factory is now a modern and attractive space that effectively conveys the company's mission and values. We would like to highlight that the partnership with great suppliers developed by us is the guarantee of an excellent project. We thank AGCO Power for the opportunity to collaborate and look forward to continuing to help the company achieve its goals.


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