Shampoo and cream labels

Muchi Specialiste Capillaire


Headquartered in France, Muchi Specialiste Capillaire produces natural shampoos and hair masks, without formaldehyde or paraben sulfate. In addition to these, Muchi also has a complete line for hair straightening and reconstruction, exclusively serving the European market. All Muchi products are carefully crafted with natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals to hair health.

In 2022, as part of the projects in development for the client, we developed the visual identity and label layout for the Garden line shampoo and hair mask. These products are made from natural chamomile and sunflower extract. Our work involved everything from creating the visual identity to monitoring production in the print shop, ensuring that the quality of the final product was up to the company's excellence. We are proud to have contributed to the success of Muchi Specialiste Capillaire.


São Paulo, Brazil
M + 55 11 99542 8787
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